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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My top films of the year! (so far)

Well the summer is quickly drawing to a close, and having not made a single best films list last year, I thought I would make a post about my favorite films of this year. But the big question is, have we already seen this year's Best Picture winner? No, probably not. The only films that have come out so far that will be nominated for Best Picture are The Tree of Life and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2. There is quite possibly a good chance the Academy won't nominate The Tree of Life, because I have been told that they are not always going to have ten nominees. Ah well, either way it will most likely get the nod. Anyways, before I give you my five favorite films for the year, I am going to list a few critically acclaimed films that I only found to be average.

Thor - A highly entertaining popcorn flick that drastically skips out on developing its characters. Thor works for some situations, but is it a great film? Certainly not. 6/10

Source Code - I keep going back and forth on how I should rate this film, because to me it seems like a childish Inception, and I wasn't a huge fan of that. But it was lifted by Duncan Jones' quick direction, though any character development couldn't keep up. 6/10

The Lincoln Lawyer - The character development was not as bad as the first two films I mentioned, but that isn't to say it doesn't struggle. It is enjoyable for the most part because of  *gasp* McConaughey's performance, but Brad Furman's overlong film does not hold up to its gaping plot holes throughout. 6/10

X-Men: First Class - This was so close to being a great film! I liked it a lot at first, but after plenty of thought it was surprisingly kind of dull and bland. 7/10

Honourable Mentions: Insidious

Top 5:

#5 Kung Fu Panda 2 - Such an incredible sequel to one of DreamWork's most underrated films. Maybe a tad stuffed with action, but Kung Fu Panda 2 is a joy for all ages, and rivals the first film. I only hope they can pull off a good trilogy, unlike Shrek. 8/10

#4 Winnie the Pooh - While no doubt childish, Winnie the Pooh is filled with nothing but charm and memories. 8/10

#3 Midnight in Paris - A delightful Woody Allen comedy. Well directed, perfectly cast, and it overcomes its familiar story with plenty of charm all its own. 8/10

#2 Super 8 - Often criticized because it seems so much like earlier Spielberg science fiction, but I think Super 8 brings a new story with creativity, and keeps what is good about the old films. It is no masterpiece, we all know, but a fun movie with emotional depth and an unforgettable musical score. 8/10

#1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - No surprise here I am sure, this record breaking masterpiece is thrilling, beautiful to watch with plenty of depth and strong performances. An incredibly epic ending to the most commercially successful film series of all time. 10/10


  1. Interesting top 5 list! Unfortunately i haven't seen enough 2011 films to pick, in fact i have seen 6. Once I see potter and tree of life perhaps I may construct a list like this. Great post!

  2. Great list. I haven't seen many films this year, but I definitely agree with your no. 1. My no. 2 so far would be Rango, which is so far the best animated film I've seen this year.

  3. Super 8, yes! Rango will defs get nominated for Best Animated Feature as well. I'm not sure how Tree of Life will go, but we'll see I guess. I'm not going to attempt a best five list, I haven't seen enough films for this year, and some 2010 films only came out in 2011 here (Tangled and Black Swan for instance).

  4. I have seen quite a few this year surprisingly. In fact, I just went to see Winnie the Pooh today, and despite my age I enjoyed it all the way through. Thanks!

  5. I really want to see Rango. This year i'm hoping to see many more new films than I did last year, I think it will attract more viewers. Thanks!

  6. At first I really wanted to see Tree of Life, but after awhile i'm now beginning to change my mind...

    Ah, that's a shame. I did not see Black Swan, but just to let you know Tangled is a beautiful film that's absolutely hilarious. It actually has very little flaws. And glad to see you liked Super 8 as well!

  7. I'm long overdue for a trip to the multiplex. If the occasion soon arises, Super 8 would be my preferred choice. Every review I read makes it sound more and more like something I would appreciate.

  8. That would be a great one to see Ian, I think people are just trying to not like the film, it gets too much unnecessary criticism. Thanks for reading!

  9. I have to see those movies in your top 5 (Minus your number 1 its too soon XD) But i will soon they start playing near me very soon.

    Nice but i think i liked The Lincoln Lawyer a little bit more though. Haha nice work.

  10. Yeah, I would recommend seeing Super 8 above everything else, it has a nice classic feel to it. Thanks Jesse!

  11. Never thought I would say it bt Harry Potter thus far is the best film of the year. Agree with your list man, I'd probably add in Bridesmaid somewhere in the mix.

  12. Thanks Hawaiianguy, I have yet to see Bridesmaids.

  13. An interesting and fun list, Matt. I specifically like your first list of critically acclaimed films. Source Code was one of those I just couldn't finish my review on, because I didn't know what exactly to think about it. Couldn't agree more!

    Surprised at your Kung Fu Panda 2 and Winnie the Pooh choices of your top 5 (over the likes of Tree of Life, The Adjustment Bureau, or Red Riding Hood...j/k about Red Riding Hood :) ) But glad to see Super 8 on your list!

    I may ask for your help in a few months to prepare for my annual Red Web Awards if you'd like. Check out last year's here and let me know: http://scarletsp1der.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/the-red-web-awards/

  14. Yeah, good to see someone else feels that way, i will probably watch it again soon.

    I have not seem The Adjustment Bureau, but it will be added to this post once I do, which should be this week. The Tree of Life I also plan to see in the next couple of weeks.

    Sounds great!

  15. Sweetness. Then I will be in touch as the time draws closer! We had so much fun with it last time!