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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly Post

Well, I am going to re-start my weekly post, with all the films I watched in the week, and share a few trailers I saw that I thought looked interesting. Though don't get your hopes up, this was a sad week for me. Enjoy!

The Chamber of Secrets - The second film in the wonderful Harry Potter series, not the best that I have seen so far, but Chamber of Secrets worked better than the first, and is great for die hard fans of the book. 8/10

The Goblet of Fire - Currently my favorite of the Harry Potter series, Goblet of Fire is more intense, much better acted, and overall a finer film than the first three. Plus, a surprising performance from Robert Pattinson. 8/10

Dark of the Moon - I mean, we all know Michael Bay is one of the worst directors of our time, but still, being generous here Dark of the Moon, the newest Transformers film, is actually not half bad. Don't be expecting much, but it does work, on some levels. 6/10

"Brave", Pixar's fairytale, summer 2012

This to me seemed like a very interesting film, which seemed to be Pixar's response to Dream Works' "How to Train Your Dragon", which in the end I think could be a huge negative, considering that film was better than over half the stuff Pixar ever does. Anyways, animation looks fantastic, and maybe Pixar is back on track after the flop of Cars 2. Any thoughts?


  1. Is Cars 2 a flop?? I see it is at number one at the US box office and here in NZ...

  2. The critics and plenty of regular viewers thought it sucked, but yes, it has made money.

  3. I dont agree that How to Train Your Dragon was better than Pixar's stuff, maybe just as good, but not better. I also disagree about Goblet of Fire being the best Potter film, (my review: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/user/911551/reviews/ ) but I respect your opinion.

  4. oh by the way im Indiana Jones 79 on RT

  5. I did not say it was, just that it was better than a lot of their stuff :)

  6. I loved the first Transformers film the second was okay nothing brilliant. I look foward to the 3rd and a lot.

    BTW i agree with your favourite Harry Potter film and its the only one i liked. Nice Work again Matt.

  7. Thanks Jesse, I have liked all of the Harry Potter films so far. And It surprises me you like Transformers so much, but ah, we all have our opinions. I wrote a review on the third one, which in my opinion is the best so far, if you didn't notice.