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Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly post

Well not too great of a week as far as seeing movies go, except for of course more Harry Potter, but I have heard of some new movies coming out and have a few things to share. First, the films for the week.

The Order of the Phoenix (2007) - Not the best of the series, but still overall a great film, and I have liked it more and more after I watched it. The best of the series artistically in my opinion. 7/10

The Half-Blood Prince (2009) - Though I do not think it received the acclaim it deserved, this is probably my favorite of the Harry Potter films. It is the most intense, well-acted of the series, and Yates' direction is beyond impressive. 8/10

Zookeeper (2011) - Hmmmmm. Some things are better left unsaid. 2/10

Midnight in Paris (2001) - A sweet, funny, enjoyable comedy. A great film no doubt. Full review on blog. 8/10

Okay, so after my viewing of Midnight in Paris I stumbled upon a movie poster titled "Anonymous" with the words "is Shakespeare a fraud?" It immediately grabbed my attention, though once I looked it up I was terribly disappointed to find that Roland Emmerich is the director, one that I have no respect for  at all. I honestly like more of Bay's films than his, so this is a tough prediction for me, maybe Emmerich can turn it around with this intriguing plot and solid cast. But, here's the trailer, I will let everyone else decide what they think. Any thoughts?              

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