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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens - 2011

Even though I am not the biggest fan of his earlier works, coming from Jon Favreau I had fairly high expectations for Cowboys and Aliens when I first heard about it. Considering his previous success as a director, which nearly all of his works in that position are critically acclaimed, I was astonished when I discovered all of the negative reviews in for the film. However, when you have three guys like Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell starring in a movie, no matter the reviews it must be seen. especially when western and science fiction are being combined, I mean, how good is that? Regrettably, I had to dsicover all my own that it is, in fact, not even the slightest bit good. And if you thought Transformers 3 was bad, then good luck getting through Cowboys and Aliens, I promise it won't be a pleasant ride.

In all honesty, I don't really think the plot is worth rambling over. It was so unbelievably messed up and wrong by any standards that I see no reason in discussing it. But, for those of you who have not so much as heard of the film, I will go over it for you. A man (Daniel Craig) wakes up in the desert, he does not know where he came from or who he is, but there is a strange, large metal bracelet stuck on his arm. He makes his way through the desert and stumbles upon a small town run by the stiff and mean Colonel Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford). The town's people soon realize that the stranger is a fugitive, and that he stole gold from Dolarhyde, though before anything too terrible goes down between the two, aliens attack the town and take captive half of the people. Now, at this point, Dolarhyde and the stranger know that their only hope of saving the captured people is to hunt down the aliens and go to war.

Well, this is my first review in recent times, so I don't plan on spending very much time here. But Cowboys and Aliens was just too bad for me too pass up reviewing this. I don't know about anyone else but my second paragraph, only focusing on the story of the film, is just about enough to point out one major flaw in Cowboys and Aliens. I mean, some movies have a questionable plot but get past to with great writing and acting. Others, such as this one are absolutely in every possible way stupid. But what kills me is how many people really liked this movie! It received a 44% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which by no means is good, but it isn't terrible. I don't know if Jon Favreau just has that kind of pull on the public or what, because to me that is shocking. Not surprisingly, when my family and me left the theater they were all laughing. Usually it is the other way around, they love everything we see, and I think it all is worthless. If they laugh at it, you know it's bad.

Now, before I get out of hand, there was one somewhat redeeming part of the film. The acting was excellent, though I am sure that is in now way a surprise to anyone watching the film. Every time I watch him I appreciate his talent more and more. Through Road to Perdition and Defiance, he has become quite a great actor. Harrison Ford never disappoints, and early in the film he plays somewhat of a villain type character, which was interesting to see. Sam Rockwell was actually very funny, and he might have been the best part of the entire movie. Olivia Wilde was not great, but I think she has potential to be a very good actress. Unfortunately, the things I just mentioned are about all that I can say positive about Cowboys and Aliens.

Overall, Cowboys and Aliens, in the nicest way I can possibly put it, is a joke of a film. Jon Favreau could not have upset me more, and I won't even bother with the criticism of his direction. Maybe, after all, he is not as good of a director as we all thought. Oh well, No doubt Iron Man 2 showed plenty of weakness in his ability, I should have seen this coming from a mile away.

1/4 Stars


  1. This was poor, poor, poor. By any stretch of the imagination it was poor!! The script would have to be one of the worst ever written. For me it is one of the top three worst films of the year.

  2. I agree!!! Thank you Brent, and thanks for the comment! I put it at 2 or 3 worst this year.

  3. Matt's back!
    I literally never bothered to see this, film - the title sounded far too ridiculous to promise anything good. Looks like a dodged a bullet - again!

  4. Yes! Haha
    I'm glad to hear it Ruth, this movie isn't worth your time, much less a dollar ;)

  5. Great review! I couldn't take this film seriously to be honest and the only thing that saved it in anyway was the cast.

  6. Thanks Jessica, glad you agree.

  7. I didn't enjoy this one either. But you're right, the acting was decent. Well, you can't go too wrong with the cast!

    I just liked watching them all have pearly white sparkly teeth in the middle of the gritty wild west! haha.

  8. I know! Some of the people I was with were commenting on that as well haha.