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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Titanic - 1997

Well, this is really not the movie I wanted to review next, but LAMB Acting School 101 has Kate Winslet up this week, and since I have been out of the loop for over two months I figured Titanic deserved the go. Plus, unlike most young critics these days, instead of considering Titanic the most overrated Best Picture winner in history, I actually think it is a fantastic film. So hey, it's always fun to be different every once in awhile!

I'm not going to lie, I have a tremendous amount of respect for James Cameron and the work he has put into the film industry. But like so many others, some of his movies just strike me the wrong way. Avatar, for example. Similar to Titanic, Avatar, though very acclaimed no doubt, has received much criticism from the young crowd, possibly even more than Titanic has. And I know, James Cameron is less of an artist and more of a "let's put a billion dollars into this film and make 2 billion off of it". But when you put the two films side by side, Avatar and Titanic, I absolutely find no way to argue that Avatar is the superior work. Considering the main aspects of a film, acting, direction, visuals, script and story, the only one that is potentially better are the visuals. At least that is the way I see it. I suppose that is why we all have our opinions, I just will never be able to understand someone who says Avatar is the greater film.

Okay, i'm getting terribly off topic, Titanic, that's what we're here for. The movie's biggest flaw is undeniably its script, it may not be the embarrassing disaster Avatar was, from a writing standpoint, but Titanic had its overwhelmingly cheesy moments. Fortunately for the film there were very strong moments in the script, and the parts that were lacking could have been much worse. Cheesiness never really hurt anyone, and certainly is not anywhere near enough to make me not like this film.

Cameron's direction, while not making any top 10 lists, holds up very well throughout the film. The movie might start out slow, with a good deal of character development, but scene by scene Cameron carries the film to where it needs to be. And, of course, the seemingly forever long scene where the ship is sinking didn't make the film any more boring either.

The acting, along with James Horner's unbelievable score, was the finest part of the film. Leonard DiCaprio was excellent, and though she was brilliant as it is, I thought he surpassed Kate Winslet in the movie. Of course she was the one who pulled of the Oscar nod, but DiCaprio was every bit as deserving, his script just did not help him at all. Titanic was also supported by an incredible supporting cast, coming from names such as Gloria Stuart, Kathy Bates, and Bernard Hill.

Overall, With outstanding visual effects, good direction and fantastic performances, Titanic makes for one entertaining ride of a movie. Does it really deserve all the hate? I don't think so.

3.5/4 Stars


  1. I adore this movie, and most everything it has to offer. The final hour and a half is some of the finest stuff put on film, and I think that Leonardo DiCaprio was snubbed for award attention as well. great review!

  2. LOL!
    Seriously dude?
    It is still very overrated and terribly cheesy!!

  3. Yeah I much prefer Titanic over Avatar anyday. I don't consider Titanic over rated but I do think that of Avatar!! Funny thing. I've never watched it again in full since I saw it on the big screen in 1997!

  4. But, I will go as far as saying Good Will Hunting was the best movie for the year. Oh well, haha, thanks for reading!

  5. I thought it was cheesy, but Rohit made some really good points about the screenplay. Thanks Aditya!

  6. Yeah, Avatar? No...
    That is pretty funny lol Thanks for the read!