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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Championship, Actors!

Well, my friends, the big day is finally here. As voted by you, here are the two greatest actors in history. Now, who is the greatest?

Robert De Niro vs. Daniel Day-Lewis

Final Four Results:

De Niro over Hopkins (7-1)

Day-Lewis ties with Brando, overall votes favor Day-Lewis 19-17


  1. Oooh what a toughie. I'm gonna go with Day-Lewis!

  2. that is seriously tough ... De Niro is my most favorite but if it wasn't Day-Lewis, i would have chosen him :(

    My Choice is Day-Lewis :(

  3. Well I have to stick with De Niro haha.

  4. Despite Little Fockers, i'm going with De Niro

  5. Day-Lewis - again, 'I drink your milkshake!!!'

  6. Day-Lewin is getting awful lucky here but still De Niro.