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Monday, November 21, 2011

Final Four, Actors

Wow, we are now down to the last four actors, and I must admit the way the Day-Lewis vs. Nicholson matchup went down was pretty crazy!

Robert De Niro vs. Anthony Hopkins

Daniel Day-Lewis vs. Marlon Brando

Quarterfinals Results:

De Niro over Pacino (9-3)

Hopkins over Eastwood (7-5)

Day-Lewis and Nicholson tie, overall votes in favor of Day-Lewis 21-20

Brando over Stewart (7-5)


  1. De Niro, Day Lewis, interesting the way this has panned out!

  2. Robert De Niro and Daniel Day Lewis :)

    wow great !!!!

  3. I have to agree with you two as well, De Niro and Day-Lewis!

  4. De Niro and Brando for me too. If these two win, I dont know who will I pick in the last round.

  5. Hopkins and Daniel Day-Lewis (DeNiro has been in some pretty bad movies over the past few years!)

  6. De Niro and Brando, this series was an inspired idea Matt, awesome stuff.