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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Final Four, Actresses

Usually this late voting is a lot closer then this, but Hepburn and Streep continue dominating every match.

Meryl Streep vs. Kate Winslet

Kathy Bates vs. Katharine Hepburn

Quarterfinals Results:

Streep over Cotillard (8-1)

Bates over A. Hepburn (5-4)

Winslet over Andrews (5-4) :(

K. Hepburn over Mirren (6-3)


  1. Maryl Streep and Katherine Hepburn. I so wanted Audrey Hepburn to be here.

  2. Winslet and Hepburn!!!

  3. Godammit tough call, why'd Winslet have to end up against Streep? It's gotta be Streep and Bates but I wish it didn't have to be this way.