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Friday, April 29, 2011

Films for the week

Here I will start posting every Friday what films I saw the past week, with a rating of each, and I will briefly discuss them. I did not see too many this week, as my state has been attacked by tornadoes, but this is what I have seen.

Jaws - probably my favorite of all Spielberg's films. Raiders of the Lost Arc is great, but Jaws brilliantly terrifies audiences with the way that for most of the film the shark is not even shown. It puts a pure definition on the word suspense. 4/4

From Here to Eternity - A film about World War II and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Though I enjoyed Michael Bay's recent version of the true story more than most did, if you want a real movie about this tragedy, I would suggest looking here. Montgomery Clift and Burt Lancaster are perfect in their roles. 3.5/4

The International - The story is way too unrealistic for some, but along with sharp direction from Tom Tykwer, and some strong performances coming from Clive Owen and Naomi Watts, The International is a highly entertaining action film. Not to mention an action scene that is about as good as they come. See full review on my blog. 3/4

The Passion of the Christ - A very underrated film. The ending may come to a close way too quickly, but most people seem to misunderstand this very well done film, sticking straight with its source material, and a brilliant performance by Jim Caviezel. 3.5/4

The Killing - An early Stanley Kubrick film. If you are not a fan of classics then don't bother with this one, but if you love Kubrick then look no further than this film. Maybe not his masterpiece, but Kubrick tells this story with a fantastic pace and great acting. See full review on my blog. 3.5/4

Invictus - Clint Eastwood is easily one of my favorite directors of all time, and while this may not be the best film he has ever made, it delivers entirely on its own. Perfect direction and perfect performances, Clint Eastwood crafts a very heart warming film that will stick with you for a long time. See full review on my blog. 3.5/4

Following - I suppose I am not the biggest of Nolan's fans, but I was in love with the idea of this film from the start. However, the short length killed me in the end. I really enjoyed it, but Following could have been so much better. See full review on my blog. 3/4

Letters from Iwo Jima - here is no doubt in my mind Clint Eastwood's masterpiece. He takes this source material by his hands and beautifully crafts a film of pure artwork. This is a piece of true storytelling if there ever was one. 4/4


  1. Jaws is one of my favourites.
    Spielberg was a master at building suspense and Robert Shaw's Quint is larger than life, his USS Indianapolis monologue is magnificent.
    You've made a good start to your blog Matt, good luck with it in the future.

  2. Robert Shaw was fantastic. And thanks Paul!

  3. If you just saw Passion of the Christ, that means that you didn't go to Catholic school. Not that the school was trying to indoctrinate us, event the teachers found it a 'difficult' film, tears flowing from their eyes.

    And I'm probably going to take this back, but without any context of who made it, the film doesn't seem anti-Semitic. Other films about Jesus' death actually answer the 'why' and the 'how' while this film just fills in THAT this happened. Besides, this movie is about a people killing their own. Is The Last Days of Socrates an anti-Greek text?

  4. Haha It was a very difficult film to watch, one of the most brutal I have ever seen. But no I did not go to Catholic school.

    Yeah, but the point of the film was just to show the audience what Jesus went through, not a biography or anything. Which explains the title. Thanks for reading!