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Saturday, April 30, 2011

TRON - 1982

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is an arcade owner, a hacker, and a former employee of the software corporation ENCOM. He is digitally broken down into pieces, and then trapped into a 3D world of computers, ran by a program known as the Master Control. Along with the help of a few other programs, Flynn will work to replace the Master Control with TRON, a much better and safer program, which will hopefully help him return home to the real world.

This past year I went to the theaters to see TRON: Legacy, and found myself disappointed with the miserable story and reckless direction by Joseph Kosinski. I had heard that TRON was a big step up from the newer film, needless to say my expectations were somewhat high. Unfortunately, Steven Lisberger's direction is nearly as bad, and it seems to me that what TRON: Legacy had going for it, the original did not, and what the original had the sequel lacked. I personally enjoyed the story to TRON, as I found it to be both very entertaining and creative in its own way. But like its sequel, this film has flaws that just cannot be ignored.

The acting in TRON was a huge let down. I am a very big Jeff Bridges fan, but quite honestly his acting here just was not very good. It was boring, very mechanical, and just average acting in general, way below average if you are talking about him. Over the years he has grown to become the fantastic actor that he is, but at this time he was still trying to find where he belongs in the world of cinema. However, the worst part about this was the supporting actors were all much worse than him. The film, especially for its time, is undeniably entertaining. But the bad direction and all in all bad acting really hurts the film. I am not trying to say this was a bad movie, because I did like it in the end, but TRON has too many flaws for me to just brush off and move on.

Now I will get into the good stuff, which is what actually made this film one worth watching, and deserving of a positive rating. TRON and its story take us to a world, similar to the one in the sequel, that really attracts a lot of audiences to the theater, or in this case the television. But see, the problem with the original is the visuals are so out of date that many people will not even get 30 minutes into the film. In fact, the people I was watching this with left after about ten or so minutes because the visuals were so old. For a film buff like me that enjoys seeing the way technology was back then, I found it very fun to watch and quite amazing really. But for the average viewer, here me out, you will not enjoy this film for that reason alone.

Overall, TRON is a film that nowadays will only find a select number of viewers. Mainly the computer nerds in the world that think Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made. That isn't me, but I did enjoy the visuals, and to be honest i liked the story as well. But the film falls flat with its bad acting and bad direction, though TRON is just entertaining enough to get a positive rating from me.

Rating: 6/10


  1. Personally, I liked Tron:Legacy much better than the original, but I can definitely see its flaws. I watched all of the original Tron, being as I am a Kingdom Hearts fan and had to learn what that story was all about, and I agree with you that the story itself is pretty cool. I can get past the special effects, since I have seen way worse.

  2. ah yes, you are correct in stating that Tron is for a specific audience nowadays. But there is something powerfully nostalgic about it that still causes many to enjoy it for the classic that it is with (at the time) groundbreaking effects. The acting wasn't that great! you're right! ha, but it wasn't that bad considering other movies at the time too. A fair score. I'd have to concur! Fun reading this review!

  3. Tamara - I thought this was a tad bit better, but both were close so I can see where you are coming from. And just for the record, I like Kingdom Hearts as well :) though I have almost no time for video games.

    Scarlet - Yes, they were. At least from what I have heard, because I definitely was not alive in 1982 lol. But I personally enjoyed seeing the old visuals. Glad we agree, thanks for reading!

  4. Whilst I agree with your great review of Tron Matt I'm suprised that you think Jeff Bridges "was still trying to find where he belonged in the world of cinema" when he made it! Maybe Jeff himself was bored by Tron and cosidered it beneath an actor of his standing, because I've always thought his work in the years before Tron was some of the best of his career especially his Academy Award nominated performances in The Last Picture Show and Thunderbolt And Lightfoot, where he acted Clint Eastwood off the screen.

    Whatever, I suppose that's the great thing about movies, we all have different opinions.

  5. Yes, he definitely had good performances before this film, but I tend to think, unlike many others, that Jeff Bridges has been at the top of his game this past decade, and that is what I was saying with that statement. I did not like him as much as a young actor, than an old one. But yeah, it seems that I am one of the few who think that. Thanks for reading!

  6. Nice review Matt

    You seem to be doing very well with your blog, you've definitely got the right idea! Great work!

  7. Ah, thank you very much Jack! It is a work in progress, but good to see someone thinks it's working so far!