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Saturday, November 12, 2011

List of the Actors & Actresses for the Tournament!

Okay, to make this as fair and accurate as possible, I have come up with the 32 actors and actresses that I think are worthy of competition. Concerning international cinema (and I know this will come up) I am basically sticking to English language actors, just because I think for the audience they will by far be the most well known. I don't want a list where half of the participants don't know many of the actors. So here we go, these are my 64, if you have an opinion on someone to add or take away, let me know. I will change the list before we begin the tournament!

Actors (in no particular order):

James Stewart
Robert De Niro
Ryan Gosling
Edward Norton
Colin Firth
Henry Fonda
Marlon Brando
Jack Nicholson
Leonardo DiCaprio
Matt Damon
Cary Grant
Robert Redford
Kevin Spacey
Morgan Freeman
Clint Eastwood
Sean Penn
Paul Newman
Al Pacino
Robert Duvall
Denzel Washington
Dustin Hoffman
Tom Hanks
Daniel Day-Lewis
Christopher Plummer
Harrison Ford
Gregory Peck
Anthony Hopkins
Russell Crowe
Jeff Bridges
Jon Voight
Peter Finch
Humphrey Bogart


Katharine Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
Ingrid Bergman
Meryl Streep
Rachel McAdams
Kathy Bates
Jodie Foster
Bette Davis
Vivien Leigh
Grace Kelly
Julie Andrews
Jane Fonda
Diane Keaton
Melissa Leo
Amy Adams
Emma Stone
Viola Davis
Sally Field
Sissy Spacek
Susan Sarandon
Helen Hunt
Hilary Swank
Marion Cotillard
Helen Mirren
Natalie Portman
Kate Winslet
Emma Thompson
Gwyneth Paltrow
Donna Reed
Faye Dunaway
Marisa Tomei
Naomi Watts

Okay, how's it look? Keep in mind, this list is unofficial.