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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tournament: The Greatest Actors & Actresses in History

Alright, for anyone reading this please respond, all feedback is appreciated. I thought it a pretty good idea to do a tournament on the greatest actors in history, starting with 64 (male and female) of what most people consider great to excellent actors. The way it would work is 32 (or 16, I have not decided for sure) female actresses in one category, and the same number of males in the other. Then I will post all of one category putting each person against someone else, for example:

Meryl Streep versus Amy Adams

and whoever wants to participate can come on here and comment, voting for each actor or actress that they think should win. It will go all the way down to the best actress versus the best actor. Anyone think it sounds like a good idea?


  1. I think it sounds really interesting, I'll participate for sure!

  2. sounds very interesting. I would definitely participate

  3. I'm up for it. Also, love the make-over on your blog. also, tell some our followers to follow me! Haha, congrats on 60.

  4. Thanks a bunch guys! I just posted a list of the probable actors to be in the tournament.