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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Films and Blogging Love!

Oh it has been an interesting week viewing films. I have started several yet struggled to find the time to finish some of them. Fortunately, I did get the chance to see a few movies, two of them I absolutely loved.

Saving Private Ryan - I could not ask for a much better war film. Outstandingly realistic cinematography, terrific acting mostly on the part of Tom Hanks who never misses a beat, and an unusually touching story with a powerful ending. 4/4

The Game - What started as a fine piece of cinema ended in a messy reckless piece of wasted potential. As always, Fincher's directing is perfect, but the film is murdered by its horrifying ending that has no originality at all. It was almost as if the writers were stuck, they could not find an intelligent ending, and they came so far that they could not stop there, s that settled for the dumb way out. 2.5/4

Spartacus - My least favorite Kubrick film to date. Due to the out of date music and fight scenes, I found myself snoozing a bit during the film, so before I give it an official rating I must watch it again. But at the moment it would be about a 3/4, Spartacus just had no Kubrick feel to it what so ever.

The Illusionist (2010) - Masterful work in the animation department, no doubt more deserving of Best Animated Feature then Toy Story 3. It was interesting because for the most part none of the characters understandably speak, but I found myself glued to the screen every minute of this film. 4/4

Now time for some links!

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Sati of Cinematic Corner gives a great review of Public Enemies, but unfortunately could not appreciate it as I did.

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  1. "no doubt more deserving of Best Animated Feature then Toy Story 3."

    I agree! It was such a magical movie and the animation was just gorgeous!

    Thanks for linking my post! :)

  2. Wow you waited a long time to see Saving Private Ryan! ;) I've probably seen it over 100 times by now lol. Indeed a great film with an abundance of excellent moments.

  3. @ Sati - No Problem, and glad you share my love for The Illusionist!

    @ Castor - I know, right? Sure put that one off for far too long!

  4. I feel bad - I thought The Game was an awesome film. I still think Michael Douglas owned that film all over the place.

    Can't believe you hadn't seen SPR until now!! Wow, that took a while. It is an awesome film indeed....

  5. Lol well maybe next time I should pretend like I have already seen it ;)

  6. I loved the first half an hour of the illusionist and the final few scenes, but i thought it got a little rambly in the middle. I'm from Edinburgh where it was set so i was kept going by seeing places i recognised every few minutes, including inside the actual screen where i was watching the film! (remember the scene where he goes into the cinema and stands at the back?)It was quite strange. Beautiful ending though, i did a mini-review of it myself http://filmdrivel.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/recent-viewing-2/